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Forest Sunrays

Sustainable Representation 

Covid gave us the opportunity to address how we do our business, we had to find new solutions to communicate and connect. We also realised how we were more efficient and more importantly sustainable.  Below we have detailed our climate positive MICE representation solution.

Car Interior

Carbon Emissions

In 2019 the team clocked up over 19,000 miles by car which equates to 5,044.0t CO2e and 988kg CO2e from rail between London and Manchester.  Catch the MICE feel this is a total unneccesary need of CO2e and now for every appointpment we do online representing a hotel/venue/supplier we will offset what we would of previously created in emissions therefore creating climate positive MICE representation.

Virtual Appointments

Using award winning technology from our virtual partners Intelligo and Vii we can bring your business directly in front of the buyer without having to travel.  This can be in the form of online meeting, virtual exhibitions, online fam events and activities.

Hotel Room

Promoting Green Venues

  • Hotels contribute 1% to global carbon emissions.

  • Last year that was 363 million tonnes of carbon emitted 

  • Equivalent to power 45.7 million homes for a year.

More event buyers are now looking for venues with sustainability accreditations or features. Should you already have a green accreditation we can work with you to promote your achievements to buyers searching for them. 

If not members of our team can advise next steps to becoming a venue/supplier. 


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