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Virtual Solutions

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Catch the MICE are the exclusive and official strategic partners of multi-award-winning virtual event solutions: Intelligo and Vii-Events within the UK and Ireland, providing not only business development support, but also assisting clients with hands-on support and advice with platform build, design and also event operations.


Both platforms have developed significantly over the past 2 years and each offers very different virtual solutions to include as part of your overall event strategy. We are here to help.


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In our opinion - one of the most ethical and use-friendly platforms on the market.

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Intelligo, is an award-winning UK-based virtual event platform that is intuitive to use; fully supported by REAL people, prior to and throughout your event.


IMPORTANT: You only pay for what you use, when you use it! No Annual License, No monthly Fee.


Perfect for hybrid events, as it is browser based and doesn’t require any Apps to be downloaded.

Intelligo - Main Features


It couldn't be easier to build your own event.

Your event can be branded how you want it – set event logos, banners and colour schemes.


All this is super-easy, or if you need help, our UK based team will hold your hand and guide you every step of the way.


We can even provide a custom URL for a true ‘white label’ experience.


Support your event by adding Sponsors. Each sponsor can have their own booth, which shows their profile information, contact details, and employees who are in attendance.

Sponsors can add all sorts of assets - Video and PDF downloads etc. They can also host ‘demo rooms’ to increase engagement.

Sponsorship opportunities include stage sponsorship, headline partnership and partner booths.


When your event is complete, its important to use the powerful data Intelligo offers. 


Rich data analytics are available in-real from Intelligo.  Find out who attended which sessions, or which sponsor’s booth was most popular.


Like all of our features, functionality can be turned on and turned off at your will, making the event as simple or as sophisticated as you wish.


Each feature of Intelligo can be activated or deactivated, depending on your needs. 


We have customisable featured that can can bespoke pages to your menu - such as a virtual photo-booth, or an important 'state of the industry' report.


Intelligo can be built to your specific needs and made as simple of an in-depth as you wish for your event. Overall, it has to be user friendly and this is where we excel.

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Ethical Pricing – for event organisers


Right from day one, the team at Intelligo been supporting event professionals. Unlike many other platforms, they have never tied clients into long-term expensive annual contracts.


In a post-pandemic word, full of economic and geo-political challenges, we understand the uncertainty regarding the format of upcoming events and how they people will attend. We strongly believe you should only be charged for what you use, when you use it.


As such our pricing is  transparent and is based on a per-day-per-user rate, and is not tied to registrations, monthly fees or annual licenses.

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What your Intelligo event might look like...


This award-winning platform is head and shoulders above any other 3D metaverse platform you will ever have experienced - Catch the MICE are proud to be their UK strategic partners.

Vii-Events is a 3D-360 graphical multi-award-winning internal and external meeting and events solution, which provides a complete engagement ecosystem experience for organisations adjusting to today’s hybrid and remote communities.


The platform transports attendees into full immersive virtual 3D-metaverse environments where unforgettable experiences can be delivered.

Advanced networking with optional avatars

Looking to create efficient engagement in the Metaverse? In Vii’s virtual event platform, you can communicate with each other using text, video, group chat and roundtables. Add a profile photo and name to your own Avatar and join in the networking!

Just a few of Vii's many features...


Vii Events is the Best-In-Class Community Engagement Platform - Pricing Packages

What your Vii-Event might look like...

Grow Your Reach and Exposure
- Go Virtual

We are experts in the virtual events field and would love to help. It's a daunting tasks sourcing a quality platform that provides the solution you need.


We will help, and if we can't, we'll direct you to an expert who can!

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