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Catch the MICE - Services

Catch the MICE provides a range of services to diverse clients. Whether you're an event planner seeking tech advice, a venue, a destination, or a supplier aiming to attract more MICE business or need extra support for your business, we can help. If you're in the MICE sector, there's a compelling reason to connect with us. We're here to assist and have been doing so for over 20 years! Please click on any of the sections below to see how we can help...

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Grow Your Vision

Our clients partner with us to help them establish and maintain connections with event planners and producers from across the UK and beyond. We represent these partners, acting as their boots on the ground, improving their operation by providing additional in-region customer service and supporting event-planners throughout their customer journey.


Ultimately, our focus is on generating a strong Return on Investment for our customers, delivering outstanding service and maintaining strong trusted industry relationships; this is where Catch the MICE truly excels.

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