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Climate change is having a profound effect on the world and how we live.  At Catch the MICE we are committed to run a sustainable business and offering sustainable MICE solutions.


Sustainable MICE solutions


The Metaverse is giving us new and often more efficient ways to achieve our goals, the Metaverse will be a huge boon for sustainability. By attending workplaces, schools, and social gatherings virtually rather than physically, we will save precious resources.

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Carbon Calculator 

Our online carbon event calculator allows event mangers to measure meeting and event emissions this includes virtual, hybrid and live events.  We also have a partner who can support with the offsetting.

Sustainability at Catch the MICE

Catch the MICE is committed to setting a new standard when it comes to sustainability and MICE representation.

We have been working with Greengage and ECOsmart on our sustainability journey. We are currently measuring our carbon footprint with the plans to be net zero by 2025 and sustainability is at the heart of all our business decisions.

Other commitments under our Corporate Social Responsibility are:


Stuart has been working with The Manchester Metropolitan University Events Management team. 


For over a decade, Stuart has worked with the Rotary Club and Glastonbury. He has recruited, nurtured and lead an amazing and committed team of volunteer stewards who dedicate their time at Glastonbury Festival. 

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