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Catch the MICE learnt a lot during the Pandemic. We immersed ourselves in Event Technology and soon discovered the potential that it could offer our sector. Initially, it was virtual platforms; however, we soon realised there was a tangible opportunity to support both Event Planners and Technology Companies and help them connect. Whilst both are passionate about their sectors, often they communicate differently and getting the message across can be challenging, especially when there is genuine language, as well as cultural differences.


"That where you need your team on the ground - in region".

The Solution: Catch the MICE!


Catch the MICE are the official strategic partners of award-nominee event solutions Incentli and ConferenceAdit. We provide not only business development services, but also assist event-organisers with hands-on support and advice to increase delegate engagement and provide solutions to minimise the administration connected with continual learning and professional development.

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Captello for Event Organisers
Experience, Intelligence, Confidence…
Three things your exhibitors need on the show floor, and everything Captello’s Universal Lead Capture and Engagement Suite delivers.

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  • Increase Event Traffic & Engage Larger Audiences

  • Increase engagement on the trade show floor, in speaker sessions, at networking events, and more.

  • Applications are as limitless are your imagination with lead capture integrated games!

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Will revolutionise the Continual Personal Development (CPD) / Continual Education (CE) process for any profession.

Managing CPD for your live event can be challenging.

How much time does your organisation waste by manually tracking continuing education (CPD) points?

With ConferenceAdit you can now dramatically streamline attendance tracking, create customised designation reports, generate instant certificates and immediately capture survey responses.

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Grow your event revenue by increasing registrations, attendee engagement, and exhibitor ROI.

Features include:

  • Redeemable Coins

  • Playful Incentives Store

  • Exhibitor Lead Capture

  • Leaderboards

  • Account Management

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Help companies and brands to extract more value from their visual content EASILY!
Getting more out of video the way it should be:
Online, collaboratively and remarkably simple!We have two main concepts:#SmartVideo

  • Interactive: We must be able to interact, search, read, listen, comment, share and collaborate with smart visual content.

  • Curated: We must understand the needs and likes of individuals and create bespoke streams of content for them.

  • Measurable: We must be able to understand interactions around individual pieces of content in order to curate bespoke experiences.

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