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Catch the MICE and EVENTIT release their 'State of Industry Report 2023'

Catch the MICE and EVENTIT today launch their ‘State of the Industry Report - 2023’ to help direct and support event professionals in these transformational times for our sector; this follows months of research and information gathered earlier this year, directly from event planners and industry experts, from across the UK.

EVENTIT Exhibitions, who curate Scotland’s premier tradeshow for MICE Professionals, in partnership with Catch the MICE, an expert consultancy that specialises in connecting event-producers with venues, suppliers and event-tech solutions, teamed-up earlier this year to deliver a series of nine intimate regional-roadshow events across the UK.

The team visited multiple cities and met with over 250 event professionals across the UK. The key objective of the roadshows was to re-engage with busy event-planners within their locality and openly discuss current trends along with the challenges facing the sector. Central to each of these was a panel-session, where experts from a wide variety of disciplines joined open conversations with our regional audiences; these were specifically designed with Chatham House rules in place to help create a trusted-environment which encouraged all involved to open up and share complex and often difficult experiences, both during and post-pandemic.

The summary report subsequently produced (attached) highlights the key-points raised and the gems of information and insights shared throughout our journey, along with hints and tips on how to best approach event-panning in 2023 and beyond.

Judith Wilson, Managing Director of EVENTIT commented, ‘On the back of this report and the direct recommendations and feedback from Event-Organisers, EVENTIT have decided to re-visit the way in which they deliver their Scottish Events Show, with a prime focus on customer experience and community engagement. As an introduction to ‘EXPERIENCEit’, we will be launching three forums where event professionals will be able to share thoughts and concerns and discuss key issues surrounding the industry today. With the guidance of industry experts, we will provide delegates and exhibitors alike with important insights, information, and strategies to aide them in their experience design approaches, adoption and integration of new technologies, and best practices in sustainability. The series of roadshows, conducted in partnership with our friends at Catch the MICE, was instrumental to this new approach to our sector engagement.

Stuart Mitchell, Managing Director of Catch the MICE said ‘Working with EVENTIT and our sponsor partners has been an absolute pleasure and it’s been enlightening, not only to re-engage with industry colleagues, but also share the challenges and successes that they have experienced over what has been a roller-coaster of a journey in recent years. I was pleasantly surprised and heartened by everyone’s open and honest candour and willingness to share. The regional intimate format worked perfectly, maximising everyone’s time, minimising travel costs and delivering not only education, but also providing vital networking opportunities. We look forward to continuing this journey via our MICEClub.

Catch the MICE and EVENTIT have a further series of similar-styled engagement roadshows planned later this year and intend to build on the success of those delivered earlier this year.

To find out more, please visit either or or contact us at or

To access the report - Scan the QR code below, or click here:

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