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CUEZ by Tinkerlist appoint Catch the MICE as their MICE-Sector business development partner

Tinkerlist, a trailblazing force in the broadcast industry, proudly announces the official launch of their innovative product, CUEZ: A rundown and script platform engineered to redefine live broadcasting. This monumental step marks a significant advancement not only for Tinkerlist but also for the realms of broadcasting and events.

In a strategic collaboration, Tinkerlist has partnered with Catch the MICE, a leading UK-based representation agency, specialising in the promotion of event-technology and in-person event solutions to the event sector. Catch the MICE will serve as their exclusive event-sector business development partner. This strategic partnership underscores Tinkerlist's commitment to advancing event-production innovation.

CUEZ is a breakthrough in simplifying live-event execution, representing a major shift in broadcasting. Tinkerlist recognises the challenges like last-minute changes, precise timing, and workflow management that trouble live-event production. CUEZ solves these issues seamlessly, blending advanced technology with innovative design. It's user-friendly, making its features accessible to all expertise levels, whether it's a live in-person show or an online broadcast event.

Its groundbreaking features include:

· Collaborative Rundown: Collaborate in real-time on scripts and rundowns, boosting productivity.

· Automation: Optimise cameras, microphones, and software with an intuitive editor for a seamless workflow.

· Web Prompter: Enhance on-camera performances using CUEZ's web prompter mode for compelling presentations.

· Timing and Cueing: Effortlessly control live show timing with CUEZ's cueing feature, ensuring smooth broadcasting.

· Customisable Workflow: Tailor CUEZ to your specific production needs for seamless integration.

Tinkerlist's dedication to collaboration and innovation is highlighted through CUEZ's seamless integration with external tools like vMix. This integration enhances video mixers, playout servers, and streaming devices, minimising errors and boosting efficiency.

CUEZ represents more than just a product; it embodies a significant step into the future of collaborative live event delivery and broadcasting. By blending technology and innovation, CUEZ aims to reshape the event-sector, ushering in efficient, automated, and collaborative media production.

Tinkerlist is embarking on an extraordinary journey to improve the future of broadcasting and looks forward to supporting the event-sector as part of the journey.

Aaron Nuytemans, Head of Business Development for TinkerList said, “We are already well established in the field of media broadcast, with internationally recognised media using us on a daily basis. Our solution has already been utilised by large-scale event producers at the Emmy's, by EA for eSport events and by the production team at WebSummit; however, we see huge potential within the main-stream event-sector for our product as our latest innovation CUEZ, provides the missing link for events producers to simplify and improve their production. Our strategic partnership with Stuart at Catch the MICE opens a vast new market for us and we are keen and excited to work with his team, as well as event producers, to support the revolution in event media broadcast.

Stuart Mitchell, Managing Director of Catch the MICE said "It’s clear from the research we conducted earlier this year, which we published in our ‘State of the Sector report 2023’ in the Summer, that event producers are looking to up-their-game in terms of media broadcast. They now need to compete with TV-show quality production; whether that be at a live in-person conference, on-line or a mixture of both. In many ways producers currently have their hands tied by antiquated ways of doing business, including manual spreadsheets and run-of-show documentation; CUEZ offers a state-of-the-art solution to rectify this. We are extremely excited about helping event-producers improve their media broadcast in partnership with CUEZ by Tinkerlist."

To find out more, please contact Stuart Mitchell at Catch the MICE via or alternatively by telephone +44 (0)7771 946614.

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