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Event Planning and Management Tech-Solutions

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Catch the MICE are the official and exclusive UK partner of Joi and Eventene; two revolutionary event planning, scheduling and management software solutions designed for event professionals


Joi's Event App and management solution, starting from as little as £30 per month, centralises event management, agenda planning, and budget tracking, making it accessible for ALL event planners.


Eventene offers a competitive and reliable alternative to industry leaders like CVENT and Bizzabo helping with every aspect of your event — from invitations and registrations to an event app, check-ins, seating charts ... and much more!


"Our mission is to ensure that every event planner in the UK has access to the tools they need to create unforgettable experiences; Joi is the Event Management and scheduling Solution to provide this!"


Rob Vass, co-founder of Joi Events.

Joi is a collaborative event planning software that centralises management to increase efficiency and accuracy. It serves as a single source of truth, saving time, reducing confusion, AND cutting costs

Joi lets you build and manage schedules, publish them online, and view them on mobile devices. Easily create, share, and update schedules. Most importantly, it helps manage your budget by tracking revenue, costs, quotes, and cash flow in one centralised application.

What you get with your Joi subscription…

All the Joi and at a great price…

One of the reasons Catch the MICE teamed up with Joi was its affordability across the sector. With such a low entry price, this event management solution is accessible to everyone, including large event agencies, independent producers and even students.


We love their vision - that the entire event community can adopt Joi as a primary solution, allowing everyone to explore innovative applications across all aspects of event execution.



Up to 10 active events at any one time - from only £30 per month

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US-based Eventene, founded by former Microsoft product design leader David Wood, is transforming event planning globally. It offers a user-friendly platform that makes organising events a breeze with features for promotion, attendee management, scheduling, and analytics.


Now expanding into Europe with the assistance of Catch the MICE, Eventene is set to compete with big names like CVENT, Whova and Bizzabo. Available in seven European languages, its mobile app helps attendees stay engaged, and organisers manage events smoothly, making Eventene a superhero for Event Planners, as it provides the go-to choice for affordable, reliable event planning.

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"We may be a ‘David in a World of Goliaths', but we are here to revolutionise Event Planning and provide planners with guidance, advice and support. Eventene has already made its mark in the US, and we are enthusiastic about establishing it as an affordable option in the global European event planning market. 

David Wood, founder and CEO of Eventene.

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Eventene provides a wide variety of features and customisation options to meet your specific organisation's needs for planning its events throughout the year.

Event Organisiation

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Eventene helps you organise all your events throughout the year, whether they are small, medium, or large, paid or unpaid, invite-only or public, and in-person, virtual, or virtual. Our system also works well for recurring sign-ups, such as classes, courses, and training sessions.

Reg Forms

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Design simple or complex online registrations that combine overall attendance, activity or session-level attendance, custom survey questions, and secure payment processing. Family members can also be linked together for more efficient registration. 



Manage all your primary contact lists in Eventene as groups, then segment those groups into subgroups using smart rules. Easily import existing guest lists from other systems or build your lists from scratch as guest sign up. Use your lists over and over as you repeat your events.


Eventene creates a dedicated event website (landing page) for every event, complete with its own dedicated web link. Simply add your event details and we build the website automatically using our professional layouts. Integrate your brand across every attendee touchpoint in the system.
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Save the Date

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Use Eventene's in-built email system to send save-the-date emails to a set of potential attendees. Send different messages to different sub-groups. Also send reminders to attendees of forthcoming event and nudges to ensure they attend - the options are endless.

Email Invites

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Use Eventene's handy email system to send out invitations to your entire guest list or just a select few. Every email is personalized and branded, making your guests feel special and keeping everything looking consistent and professional.


Process payments securely using your connected Stripe account. Easily add products to purchase during registration, including, tickets, fees, merchandise, and donations. Guests only see the fees and payments that correspond to the activities they select to attend. 

Payment Timers

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Set automatic timers to ensure guests complete payments on their registrations. Automatic skipping logic only shows relevant questions. Payments in Eventene are processed by Stripe and are compliant with PCI Level 1, TLS, and Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) standards.



Add an unlimited number of event-related questions in the survey section of your registrations. Automated skipping logic shows only relevant questions.



Set attendance limits and response timing for every activity in the event. Add automated waitlists with auto or manual movement off the waitlist.


Create custom Sections, such as seating charts, teams, breakout rooms, discussion groups, or any other arbitrary groups specific for your event. Intuitive tools to arrange your guests into custom sections, groups, and place (Inc. drag/drop and multi-select assigning)


Pre-print badges before your event in any design you need. Determine whether you will want to check in guests by name or QR code. With Eventene, it's easy to include each attendee's unique QR code on the badge too.

Check Ins

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Organizers and event staff can use the Eventene Mobile App to check-in attendees at each activity, class, or session. Full date and time details are recorded with every check-In for later reference on reports. Event Staff can check-in attendees by multi-selecting them, swiping right on a single name, or scanning a QR code. Accidental check-ins can be easily reset.

Check Outs

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After the session or activity concludes, use the App to check out your attendees, recording the precise time they spent at the session. This feature is ideal for tracking Continuing Education (CE) or Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) credits. Eventene assists with compliance making record-keeping simple and efficient.


Generate detailed post-event reports and analytics to capture valuable insights about your event's performance. These reports help you understand attendee engagement, identify areas for improvement, and gather feedback. Use this information to refine and enhance future events, ensuring they are even more successful and well-received.

Activity Sign Ups

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Use Eventene to manage frequent activity sign-ups, whether they occur monthly, weekly, or even daily. Effortlessly track responses with precision, ensuring you stay organised and up-to-date. We streamlines the process, making it easy to handle recurring activities with confidence and accuracy.

Save Time, Money and Headaches
- Embrace Event Management Solutions Today

We are have vast expertise in this rapidly growing field and would love to help. It's a daunting task to source a quality platform that provides the solution you need. We will help, and if we can't, we'll direct you to an expert who can!

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