Sarah Arnold

I have worked with Stuart several times over the years and he is always professional, friendly and does what he says he will do. He is in expert in his field and has a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to share. He is definitely someone you want to connect with!

Ken Carter

I’ve always been hugely impressed by Stuart’s entrepreneurial spirit and his extensive knowledge and experience in the MICE sector. He has an in-depth knowledge of both the agency world and the hotel sector at a global level and he completely understands the delicate balance that often needs to be achieved when successfully bringing these stakeholders together to deliver successful client projects.

Tracy Gent

I have known Stuart for 20 years. He has very diverse and well established experience across
the hospitality sector, from hands on operations, to consultative representation and project
management. He’s an excellent team leader, whilst being just as happy being hands on getting
jobs done. He has very strong relationships in the industry, helped by his very warm nature;
he’s fun to be around and an excellent host.

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