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Think Ambient Ltd is the exclusive (UK and Eire) retailer of CLINGZ; as well as a number of other unique printable graphic materials. They provide fully printed display posters to companies and venues throughout the UK, EIRE and Europe. 

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Why Think Ambient

Over the last 15 years they have built unparalleled knowledge in the printing of unique, damage free and (in the most part) adhesive free materials through their work for clients in Point of Sale, Events and various other industries. This expertise in unique printable substrates has allowed them to develop several products that they offer to their customers for use in a variety of applications. The best way to demonstrate this is by taking a look at one of their range of Case Studies.

In addition to printing unique materials, they also offer the following services:

* Artwork amendment and editing

* Advice on different print technologies

* Distribution and fulfilment services

* Venue auditing


The Catch the MICE team for further information

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